The idea came to us after having been in the business for many years and seeing how much more expensive the available macaron stands were. Customers are usually on a budget, and any money that they could save matters, but at the same time, they are looking for something elegant and classy.


My wife and I started doing different designs of macaron stands in cardboard, hoping that it would work. Once we had the final prototype, we came up with a different approach, instead of using cardboard, why not use a material that let the macarons be the centre of attention. So we made our first macaron stand with FDA clear pvc. It looked almost invisible thanks to its slick design. Our first customers were very pleased and satisfied with their macaron towers. They were getting a beautiful pièce montée, without breaking the bank. After seeing the results, we wanted to find a way to make this stand accessible to everyone.


Our stand is produced in Canada and it meets all food safety requirements, allowing placing edible goodies on its tiers. We designed the stand so it was easy to move around, as it has openings on the bottom to place fingers and lift it easily.  The stand also has an opening to place cake toppers, making it very versatile compared to other solutions.