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A macaron is a type of cookie, made famous in France, that consists of two shells filled with cream or ganache.  The shell is made out of meringue and ground almonds, which provides a really delicate nutty flavour and a very unique texture. On the inside, the flavour combinations are endless: fruits, nuts, different kinds of chocolates, and many other ingredients, as common as vanilla and as unique as olive oil or ginger may be incorporated.

Macaron Towers: Customized colours of macarons assembled together in beautiful tiers are a great addition to sweet tables and an alternative to traditional wedding cakes. They provide a distinguished and elegant touch to any special occasion.

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Macaron Boxes: These colorful delicacies come in a range of assorted flavours in boxes of 6, 12, and trays of 50 macarons.

Cake pops: Our customized coloured cake pops, with a truffle-like consistency and coated with a thin layer of chocolate, are the perfect bite-sized treats that will indulge your cravings for chocolate.